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General Terms of Transfer

For the transfer of parcels and documents through the delivery and processing system of BIZ COURIER, the sender agrees with the terms and conditions (T&Cs) that are laid out on this form.

No representative, agent or employee of BIZ COURIER has the right to modify or lift these terms and conditions (T&Cs).


  • ARTICLE 1: The ACCOMPANYING STATEMENT OF TRANSPORT (ASOT) is non – negotiable, it is filled and completed by the sender or BIZ COURIER on behalf of the sender. The sender accepts that he is the owner or a representative of the owner and responsible of the goods transported and described on the ASOT. The sender also accepts the terms of transportation through the delivery and processing system of 'BIZ COURIER'.
  • ARTICLE 2: 'BIZ COURIER' has the right but not the obligation (according to the restrictions of the COMMUNICATIONS PRIVACY SAFEGUARD OF GREECE) to check the content of the parcel or envelope which it undertakes for transportation. According to this statement 'BIZ COURIER' does not undertake for transportation the following items: MONEY, EXCHANGE, GOLD, PRECIOUS METALS AND STONES, ANCIENT OBJECTS, ART, LOTTERYS, BONDS, PERISHABLE FOODS, PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE and items in general whose movement is not allowed by the applicable law and the international contracts. BIZ COURIER does not undertake items that are not properly packaged and items who s sender does not want to declare sufficient information or information of the recipient requested by 'BIZ COURIER'.
  • ARTICLE 3: 'BIZ COURIER' makes every possible effort and takes any necessary action to target the fast delivery, according to its mode. In no event though should BIZ COURIER be held responsible for the late receipt and deliveries, for loss, damage, direct or consequential loss or loss of profit in the case of unforeseen causes and events, such as: 1) contingency events beyond the human potential (accidents regardless of liability, adverse weather conditions, slow means of transport, strikes, war, partial or general mobilization etc. 2) incorrect instructions given by the sender ,the recipient or any third person who has interest in the specific delivery 3) dangerous contents that could cause deterioration or destruction of the delivery. Also 'BIZ COURIER' can't be held responsible for any loss, damage, direct or consequential loss or loss of profit when the sender has not declared the type, the nature and value of the postal item, has not specified these details on the ACCOMPANYING STATEMENT OF TRANSPORT (ASOT) and when the sender has not issued the statutory tax information and any other supporting documents.
  • ARTICLE 4: The sender guarantees that: 1) every item that is listed on their order is prescribed correctly and according to the law, 2) every item they send with 'BIZ COURIER' provides all necessary address and other details, 3) every postal item is correctly packaged to secure its safe transportation, 4) they will pay for any extra expense coming from the procession, the return and storing of his postal items.
  • ARTICLE 5: 'BIZ COURIER' is entitled to retain or not deliver any item undertaken in order to secure payment on costs incurred by the transport (fares, waybills etc.)
  • ARTICLE 6: 'BIZ COURIER' undertakes deliveries charged to the recipient also, in the case of refusal of remuneration for any reason, the costs are borne by sender.
  • ARTICLE 7: BIZ COURIER also undertakes payments, payment collections and deliveries for third parties through e mail and phone order. In these cases the principal has the same rights and obligations as the sender described on the ACCOMPANYING STATEMENT OF TRANSPORT (ASOT).
  • ARTICLE 8: Insurance coverage of the postal items is an obligation of the sender, especially when the items are valued over than 101€, in any different case of loss or damage caused by 'BIZ COURIER', responsibility is defined within the limits set by the HELLENIC COMMITTEE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND POST. Coverage of larger values and insurance from 'BIZ COURIER' further than the amount above, (except from cases described on article 3 above) requests relevant special requirements and expenditure borne by the sender. Otherwise the sender assumes himself the full responsibility, for all dangers of loss, damage or loss of profit.
  • ARTICLE 9: The requirement for compensation of any postal item lost or destroyed, must be submitted in writing to 'BIZ COURIER', within 6 months from date of dispatch (according to ministerial decision 29030/2000 of the Parliament of Greeks).
  • ARTICLE 10: For every assignment proceeded through 'BIZ COURIER' as objects, it is required that they are accompanied by the necessary legal documents.
  • ARTICLE 11: Anything that is not provided by the GENERAL TRANSPORT TERMS OF BIZ COURIER, should be adjusted according to the applicable on the specific contract, provisions. To solve any dispute Athens Courts are responsible.
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