Q Project

Q Project
Date of registration:29/05/2018

For Q PROJECT, as a Technical Construction and Consulting Company, principles such as:

  • reliability
  • quality
  • professionalism
  • promptness
  • delivery times
  • competitive prices
  • use of modern electric/online data

are the A to Z of its operation and cooperation with its procurers.

BIZ COURIER is a shining example of how to best satisfy and carry out the above principles.

All executives and employees with whom we have collaborated have always shown courtesy and professionalism.

The company has a modern and functional site that enables fully electronic/online monitoring of contacts, dispatch-es and charges which automates and accelerates our internal processes.

This minimizes the time spent monitoring our dispatches and saves significant energy which would otherwise require time-consuming, and costly, phone calls and messaging.

We are totally satisfied with our cooperation so far. Keep up the wonderful work!!!