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Shipment tracking

To look for a shipment, you need to have the Tracking Number printed on the upper central part of the Voucher.

How to properly package

The shipper is in charge and responsible for safe and resistant packaging of items (see general terms).

To protect the content of your shipment:

    • Make sure the packaging you use ensures its integrity,
    • Wrap fragile items with protective materials (air bubbles, styrofoam),
    • Protect sharp items,
    • Use the factory package in case you want to send electronic apparatuses,
    • Use unbreakable containers or special wooden packaging should you want to send liquids, in order to avoid leakage,
    • Use packaging tapes to seal your shipment.
    • Protect small items using paper,
  • Wrap CDs and DVDs with a protective material or pack them in their case.
  • At the end, use capital and clear letters to write the recipient's address and all information required.

Items not allowed for transportation

In brief, the items not allowed for transportation are:

  • Explosives
  • Flammable materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive substances 
  • Gases 
  • Narcotics 
  • Poisons 
  • Antiquities 
  • Pieces of art 
  • Perishable foodstuffs 
  • Live animals or animal carcasses
  • Plants

In general, it is not allowed to transport items running the risk, due to their nature or because of their packaging, of being self-destroyed or of destroying other items or items whose handling and transportation is not accepted by ΙATA


To avoid delivery for transportation of such items, the company reserves the right-being also bound to-check the object it undertakes to handle, and even open it.

If the shipper, for whatever reason, submits for shipment such items, the company, upon verification of their existence, holds the right to handle the case in its judgment, including immediate discontinuation of transportation, renouncing any further responsibility; charges are not refunded.

The shipper is always solely responsible for any damage possibly affecting persons or other items from a false content declaration.

How to calculate shipment costs

In order to use the cost calculation app check Tools and Rates. The Pricelists provide cost for SameDay deliveries to the Greater area of the Attiki prefecture, cost for NextDay deliveries throughout all of Greece except its inaccesible regions.

Also the pricelists provide cost for deliveries abroad.

For any questions our call center will calculate or clarify the costs and delivery times from 09'00 till 18'00 all working days.

What is volumetric charge?

The charge of every shipment depends on the combination of size and weight (IATA volumetric calculation).If the volumetric weight of your shipment is bigger than the actual weight of it then the charge of a shipment is based on the volumetric weight. For example big sized packages which are actually very light. 

ΙΑΤΑ volumetric weight is calculated by this formula:

Volumetric weight in kgs = (Length x Width x Height) in cm / 5000.

Inaccessible regions and delivery

Βiz Courier covers geographically all regions in Greece, even in the most remote places.

Areas NOT within Biz network city bounds are characterized as inaccessible. Charging for shipment to these areas is performed in accordance with Biz official tariff list in effect and delivery requires from 1 to 3 working days maximum.

The charge for inaccessible areas starts from 13.80€ for shipments up to 2 Kg and every extra kg is charged for 4.80€.

Shipments Abroad

Standard Premium services incur fuel surcharge on dispatches going abroad which are a subject to fluctuations every month.

VAT is not charged to individuals who send shipments outside the European union (EEC). In every other case VAT is charged on a customer status base.

The delivery time of dispatches going abroad serve as an indication of the time required. This is due to the fact that the delivery time refers mainly to the destination country's Capitals and major cities.

Shipments Abroad - Fuel Surcharge

Is the average monthly price of fuel for aviation use according to the index US Gulf CoastExternal Link / New Window (USGC), as published by the US Department of Energy.

The fuel surcharge varies monthly.

From 03.06.2018 until 30.06.2018, the fuel surcharge of the services Biz Global and Biz 10 Plus equals to 17.00%